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  How to Become a

H.E.L.P. Host Facility

Horse and Silhouette - No Halter with O.

Heroes Equine Learning Program is expanding across Canada and is always looking for new facilities and facilitators to become H.E.L.P. retreat host facility in assisting more military service members and first responders.



Criteria For Application: Please read the below points to ensure that you and/or your facility qualify for application to Heroes Equine Learning Program Facilitator and Facility Application


  • Both facilitating member hosting and facilitating Heroes Equine Learning Program must be certified in The TA Method and certifications are active and in good standing.

  • The TA Method Standards – Host facility and facilitators follow The TA Method Standards and ethics.

  •  Want to learn more about The TA Method visit:

  • Experience: At least one member of facilitating team must have experience (can document training specific to military and first responder culture) working with the military and first responder populations.

  • Each host facility, must be not be within a two-hour drive of another host facility. Host facility is able to accommodate minimum five (5) to a maximum of twelve (12) participants.



Please contact us at, for more information on the application process and forms.

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