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The H.E.L.P. Challenge is now complete for 2021 and we want to Thank all of our participants, donners, sponsors and suppoerters. We have surpassed our goal. These funds will continue to support members who are affected by mental health. 

We hope to have you all join us again for The H.E.L.P. Challenge 2022!

Become a H.E.L.P. Challenge Event Sponsor 

All funds and sponsorships raised in the H.E.L.P. Challenge go directly to support our military, First Responders and their families who are affected by mental health. Funds raised from region to region will be supporting members from that area or community. Charitable tax receipts will be issued for all sponsorships. 

Gold Sponsor

Gold Sponsor Benefits: 
* H.E.L.P. & Challenge Website Advertisement
* Logo on Participants Bib
* Social Media Advertisement 
* Business Logo Display at fundraisers for 2021
* Charitable Tax Receipt 

Silver Sponsor 

Silver Sponsor Benefits: 
* H.E.L.P. & Challenge Website Advertisement

* Logo on Participants Bib

* Social Media Advertisement 

* Charitable Tax Receipt 

Bronze Sponsor 


Bronze Sponsor Benefits:

* H.E.L.P. & Challenge Website Advertisement

* Logo on Participants Bib

* Charitable Tax Receipt 

If you wish to sponsor The H.E.L.P. Challenge by etransfer, cheque or cash please contact us at

and we would be happy to assist you. 

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The H.E.L.P. Challenge 2021

Heroes Equine Learning Program is hosting a virtual challenge for everyone to join - Get Moving for Mental Health. This initiative is a 30-day challenge to get moving, either by walking, running, horseback riding, or cycling. With three distances each to choose from, participants can partake as an individual, join  a group, or build a team. As a virtual challenge, anyone from anywhere can be involved! The H.E.L.P. challenge will be taking place for 30-days from September 1-30, 2021.


Feeling competitive? The H.E.L.P. Challenge also allows for friendly competition through the option to challenge your friends, family and colleagues to join in the fun. Are you ready for the challenge? click here to register today

How does The H.E.L.P. Challenge work? Choose a distance challenge you wish to complete on the Race Roster, complete your transaction then create your profile. Share with others on social media, email and challenge others to join in the fun. 

Can I combine Walking and Running? Absolutely, and this can be done on a treadmill, or outdoors. 


When is The H.E.L.P. Challenge taking place? It is taking place as a virtual event therefore you can participate from anywhere around the world. The challenge takes place from September 1 till September 30th 2021. You have 30-days to complete the challenge. 

How much does it cost: To join the challenge it costs $30 per person. Your full registration fee will go directly to support the H.E.L.P. charity for members of our Military, First Responders and their families to receive mental health support. H.E.L.P. Challenge 2021 T-Shirts can be purchased as an optional add on and will be shipped right to your door step with your size, colour and style you choose. 

How to I track my daily Kilometres? Use any tracking app you wish from your smart phone, smart watch devices and then you can record your distances into the Race Roster website under your profile. You can even add pictures, share your route etc.  

I would like to donate and support, can I donate on behalf of a participant? YES, you can donate to a specific registered participant on the Race Roster, or group if you wish. You can choose to be anonymous or even have the total donated shown or anonymous. You will also receive a charitable tax receipt once you complete your donation transaction. 

Do you have a question that we did not answer? If so reach out to us we want to hear from you

Get Your H.E.L.P. Challenge Swag On

The H.E.L.P. Swag Shop will get you looking sharp! 
Don't miss out on the H.E.L.P. Challenge 2021 Swag. You will want to show off to your friends and family the amazing cause you are support and moving forward for mental health. 
Choose from style, colour and size and your cool 
swag will be shipped right to your door. 


The H.E.L.P. Challenge Coin

The H.E.L.P. Challenge Coin is one of a kind with 100% of the proceeds supporting our Military, First Responders and their families affected by mental health. 

Only 200 coins available as a limited edition, you don't want to miss out on this beautiful coin. 

The H.E.L.P. Challenge coin sells for $25.00 shipping and handling included


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The H.E.L.P. Challenge Coin will be shipping out by the first week of April 2021 


The H.E.L.P. Challenge 2021

Event Sponsors 

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